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Shrimp Creole
Growing up in New Orleans there were always entrepreneurs around willing to sell you something.  Since seafood was plentiful, we could count on a guy in a truck riding through the neighborhood with a cooler full of fresh shrimp.  When he would pull up in front of our house, my mother would carefully inspect the catch then order ten pounds of shrimp. Read More
Bread Pudding
This is my grandmother’s recipe, and a New Orleans tradition.  French bread was commonly served in New Orleans and my father would often bring home hot French bread from the bakery.  The bread was so hot that the butter would melt on the bread before you could take a bite. Read More
There are so many variations of this dish throughout Louisiana, and also across the country.  It is the mixture of flavors – sausage, shrimp, chicken, or whatever you like that makes it so special.  My mother would make jambalaya when she had leftover ham from Sunday dinner (which was rare) or my father bought home extra sausage from the store. Read More

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